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Door Hanger Distribution

Southern California Door Hangers provides doorhanger distribution for most Southern California cities including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Imperial, San Diego, Ventura counties and more. Contact us today for a free quote for door hanger printing and distribution in your zipcode(s).

Why Door Hangers?

Quite simply, because door hangers work! And nobody does it better than Sothern California Door Hangers.

What makes door hangers so effective?

1.) Door hangers are CHEAP!

Compared to other advertising designed to reach potential customers in their homes like direct mail and television, newspapers and magazines, door hangers are a fraction of the cost. Door hangers can be done for about one third the cost of the most economical direct mail pieces since even a "junk" direct mail piece requires postage.

2.) Door hangers are "Stand Alone"

What does "Stand Alone" mean? It means that a door hanger is not lost in your mailbox with twenty other pieces of junk mail that you get every day. Nor does it have to be opened in order to be read by your customer. A door hanger is not lost in the shuffle of hundreds of other inserts that fall out of your newspaper. Door hangers don not have to compete for your custmer's attention with multiple television commercials which rely on memory for the ad to work. A door hanger stands alone on your customers' door, where it has to be handled. Since it doesn't have to be opened it is more likely to be read by the potential customer. And since it is a printed piece, it doesn't have to rely on the customer's memory.

3.) Door hangers are CHEAP!

Just how cost effective are doorhangers?

Doorhangers have consistently outperformed other forms of advertising such as direct mail, television, radio, and other forms of print advertising like newspaper and magazine ads. For example, doorhangers are considerably cheaper than most other forms of advertising. Door hangers, including printing and distribution usualy only costs one third as much as the most basic direct mail campaign. They are easily organized at the last minute and seldom take more than a week or two to prepare. When you consider that for only a few thousand dollars you can increase your sales anywhere from 50% -100% or more, it becomes obvious that using doorhangers gives you more bang for your advertising bucks!


Door Hangers in the News

Promotional Door Hangers Can Dramatically Improve Your Marketing - By: Ben Pate

Not a business exists, neither big or small, that isn't looking for the best way to market and advertise their products or services. Small businesses aren't equipped to advertise the most effective way possible. Promotional door hangers are a key tactic for effectively marketing your service or product.

Hanging promotional materials on customers' doors will get customer attention. This is a great way for the customer to read the advertisement and maybe buy your product. We have found that by using door hangers we get a good response. It's true some customers do discard the door hangers, but we hope that before they hit the trash they read the door hanger.

Hanging a promotional flyer on customer's doors will get their attention. This is a great way to get customers to read the advertisement and maybe buy your product. We have found that when using door hangers we get a great response. It's true that some customers do discard the door flyer like any other advertising, but we hope that before they hit the trash they read the door hangers. Door hangers are a new way to advertise and anything new must be good.

Door hangers must now be creative. Years ago, door to door salesmen were able to show a customer how exactly a product worked. They were able to get into the customers home and talk them into anything. The promotional door hanger must be unique and catch a customer's eye and make them really interested in the product. The door hanger must really scream out to the customer to get your point across!

As with any other form of advertising, the more creative design will get more attention. If you want to do it right, you need to hire a graphics designer to come up with an eye catching concept. Or if you want you can also work with one of the manufacturers of door hangers instead. Most of them have excellent design departments.

Especially if your target market is your local community, door hangers offer a great way to stay in the front of the mind of your potential customers. Everybody will have to take your product in their hands to open their door. And it doesn't matter if your community is large or small, you can easily find service providers or hire individuals to go out and hang your promotions.

A door hanger at the end is nothing but a flyer with the guarantee that somebody will actually touch it. You will still need to have a call to action and maybe some promotional discounts or special offers as well. Give your potential customer a reason not to throw away your piece. Nothing works better than offering something as a free give away or a good discount.

If done well, promotional door hangers offer an incredibly cheap and effective means of advertising your services and products. And, unlike many other forms of advertising, you can very narrowly target your audience. Get your message in your clients' hands with a door hanger and increase your business.

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What kind of businesses benefit from door hangers?

Just about any business you can think of, can use door hangers as an effective tool to get their message to thousands or even millions of homes and businesses. Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Auto Dealerships, Furniture Stores, Jewelry Outlets, Linens, Bed & Bath, Fitness Centers, Retail Chains, Spas, Housing Tracts, Game Room Furniture, Mattress Stores, Tile and Flooring Outlets, Carpet Stores, Home Improvement Centers, Hardware Stores, Billiard Tables, Special Event Promoters and more.

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